ArtBike! in the Denver Westword!!!


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b.sous Confirmed to Play the ArtBike! & RMBS RockOut!

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ArtBike! on youtube!

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And We're Rolling!

And We're Rolling!

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ArtBike!/RMBS Press Release!

Austin Discovery School Yarn Bike!

Austin Discovery School Yarn Bike!

ArtBike! at the Rocky Mountain Bicycle Show

Contact: Laura Brennan,, 415.646.5310

Denver, CO 7-27-2009– ArtBike!, a community art collaboration, is proud to announce its participation at the Rocky Mountain Bicycle Show (RMBS), August 22-23 in Denver.

ArtBike! will display bicycle-themed art from local youth organizations at RMBS, along with handmade bicycles placed in several Denver art galleries and shops.

On Friday, August 21, ArtBike! Denver will kick off with the ArtBike! and RMBS RockOut! party from 7-11pm at TAXI, a sustainable live-work project brought to Denver by the Zeppelin Project.

ArtBike! Mover and Shaker Laura Brennan said, “I’m really excited that ArtBike! will help get kids in Denver on bikes and riding safely, and give them a chance to experience the bicycle and creative communities that they might not have had access to before.”

The ArtBike! and RMBS RockOut! will start with a Treasure Cat “scavenger race” from bike shop to bike shop all through Denver, with participants collecting goods that will be donated to the youth program at the Derailer Bicycle Collective, a collectively run community bicycle shop. Broakland Bikes will award a custom frame to the Treasure Cat winner.

Organized by X Rocks The Spot, a blog serving to promote and inform creative bicycle people in the Denver area, the Treasure Cat race will finish at TAXI as the RockOut! gets underway.

All the while the epic Denver Cruisers will be hosting a Oakland Scraper Bike themed ride to the RockOut!.

Other RockOut! components include beer by Oskar Blues, a bicycle fashion show produced by Fashion Denver and a scraper bike ride by Denver Cruisers, plus bands, DJs, art vendors, creativity, community, and – of course – bikes.

ArtBike! will also host a KidsCorner! at RMBS, August 22-23, with fun reused bicycle art projects and different guests to teach short interactive classes about bike maintenance and safe city riding for all ages.

For more information please visit:

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ArtBike! is for Everyone!

ArtBike! Indianapolis

ArtBike! works as a vehicle to bring together creative progressive people.

Through a sequence of events ArtBike! is able to touch a diverse group of city dwelling humans who may have never gotten the chance to meet.

In doing so positive things happen.

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

~Karl Jung

With the right mix of people, a city can change in what seems to be over night. Organically ideas will feed other ideas, and doers will challenge and support each other.

There is a great future for bicycling and creativity in urban areas: Imagine a city full of bike lanes and murals…. We can do it!

ArtBike! also reached for the future. We raise money for Non-profits who make it a goal to get city kids on bicycles and riding safely. Our focus is on reuse and recycle bike programs.

We also like to put bikes where art is, and art where bikes are!

“Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.”

~Albert Einstein

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